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• 8/30/2017

Style Guide

Hi all,

right now I'm just building a skeleton structure, but I think it would be nice to create a style guide for making pages on the wiki clean and easily accessible. Please post any suggestions here.
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• 8/17/2017

The Amazing Eternals will be at Pax West

For those of you going to Pax West 2017 (previously Pax Prime), Digital Extremes is planning to bet there. Look for them at booth #233 per this article by WCCFTECH.
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• 8/17/2017

Wecome to Discussions!

Use Discussions to create posts about your favorite Eternals, strategies, deck building or anything else game or wiki related you want to talk about. Post videos, links and images to share with other players, or share your entire post on social media. Found an interesting topic posted by someone else? Upvote it!
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