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The Amazing Eternals is an upcoming fast-paced competitive multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Digital Extremes. Similar to games like Paladins, it used collectible cards to determine the character's additional abilities during a match. The game will include deck-building for customized gameplay. 

The closed Beta officially began September 1, 2017. The Founder Program began August 29. This wiki is a collaborative resource for the game and is maintained by the contributions of the players. All editors are welcome. Come join the community!

Imagine you and your friends sitting at a table, ready to play this new epic board game. Suddenly, everyone is pulled into the game and you become an Eternal. You find yourself in a fully realized but very strange world filled with campy characters, armed with devastating weapons. The Amazing Eternals has an older comic book feel but enhanced with more modern graphics. Players will use cards to determine their strategy while battling other players. Build decks that offer buffs, amazing powers and additional weapons. Play with friends and create decks that compliment theirs.
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The Amazing Eternals Make Your Move

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