Bristle is a defense / tank focused Eternal. He has the highest health of all eternals, although he is slow and lacks any ranged attack. His primary Power creates a large bark wall that can block sight, attack, and movement. His Ability roots him in place while he regains health.

About Edit

A creature of myth; a manifestation of pure primal terror.

Folktales tell of Bristle taking children in the dark of night when nothing stirs, their bones discovered years later, meters from where they had entered the forest.

He comes for you: a creature born of your fear of the forgotten places. A ravenous legend.

Lumbering. Hungering. Pitiless. Starving for the nourishment of your blood, and bone.

Bristle, Bark Wall springs forth a dense woodland barrier that blocks pathways and sightlines, allowing allies a safe place to take cover.