Dread is an undead-themed Assault Eternal, designed to cause chaos on the battlefield. His default Power is Havoc Bag, an AoE power that disables Gizmos. Dread is one of the two starting eternals that can be chosen at the beginning of the Closed Beta.

About Edit

Grotesque and vile, Dread is both a monstrosity of creation and a marvel of science. After a series of forbidden experiments to resurrect the dead a husband and wife team, to their great misfortune, discovered the secret of eternal life.

A horrible accident crippled Anabel, killed her husband and leveled their lab. Years later, obsessed and mad with grief Anabel, harnessing the blackest of machinery and unholy electricity, honored their work by reanimating her husband; but what came back was something else. Something... not him.

Dread, Havoc Bag throws a volatile contraption that explodes with electric fury, dealing damage and disabling enemy devices for a short time.

Concept Art Edit

Amazing Eternals character art 1