For the game itself, see The_Amazing_Eternals.

In its titular game, the Amazing Eternals are a bunch of diverse characters from different Fictional Universes that are trapped in an eternal fight against each other.


Eternals have distinctive appearances, healthpools, cardpools and abilities that make them highly customizable. They are further divided up into Variants (feature is currently being reworked) wich change one of the two abilities of the Eternal to fill further niches.

Players customize Eternals by compiling a Deck of Cards which can give them weapons, endow them with additional utilities, and alter the properties of their abilities.

As of Close Beta Update 2, there are a total of 6 playable Eternals.


Eternals are unlocked by gaining levels, or rather, progressing on the Gameboard. Alternatively they can be acquired by purchasing a Variant trough the Shop or obtaining it from a Card Pack

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