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Hailing from an alternate version of Earth's Old West, Niia brings her deadly bow and arrow to The Amazing Eternals' battlefield, as well as precision rifles and a host of abilities that allow her to stalk her prey with ease. They may run, but they won't run far. They may hide, but they won't stay hidden forever.

Niia is available since the Closed Beta 2.0.

About Edit

Niia is a resourceful huntress. Surviving in the harsh desert wastes, she's become a master marksman and tracker out of necessity. Spending almost her entire life alone she drifts between settlements taking odd and often unsavoury jobs that suit her particular set of skills. She has never lost a quarry and has never missed a shot. Charging her bow increases effectiveness. She also uses a Ritual Spear, an ancient family heirloom.

Her unnatural talents may stem from her ability to attune her spirit to those of her ancestors, calling on them in times of need.

Niia, Elusive Trapper throws a slowing trap that makes enemies easier targets. Can help Niia evade pursuers. Her Haunt ability tracks and exposes targets.