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Title Description
Niia Haunt
Ability: Haunt Ancestors mark your target. Enemies marked will become visible to the entire team, even through walls.
Niia Hunter trap
Power: Hunters Trap Slow Victim, snaring them. Place a trap on the ground. Friendly trap area of effect will be marked by a green halo. Enemies trap will be marked by a white halo. When the trap is triggered Niia is warned by a message displayed on screen. Niia can only place one trap.
Niia Bow
Demon Bow The default weapon of Niia. Charge with LMB for a single shot. Or with RMB for a triple arrow shot.

Type: ballistic

Niia ritual spear
Ritual Spear Melee weapon for Niia. It's an ancient family heirloom.

Type: Melee