Winter is an Assault-focused Eternal, and is one of the two starting eternal options during the Closed Beta (the other being Dread). His starting pack has a wide variety of Weapons, giving him the right tool against any opponent.

Winter's ability is a slide, which has a five second cooldown (Reducible with the Slider card).

Winter's primary weapon is the Oathkeeper pistol, which has 12 rounds by default (Magazine upgradable with the Extended Pistol Mag card or the Bottomless Mag card).

Winter has access to three Keystone cards:

  • Health Serum - A short burst of health regen (20 second cooldown by default).
  • Raid Beacon - Deploy an optional spawn point.
  • Radar - Tracks movement and weapon fire.

Each of Winter's Keystone cards' cooldowns can be reduced by the Cooling Winds card.

Winter has the third highest health pool, tied with dread, of 250 hit-points.

About Edit

Winter is a ruthless Carythian bounty hunter, the most infamous in the galaxy. Rumored to have assassinated the King of the Cosmos, he rarely rejects a job.

As word spread of the arrival of alien heroes into his reality, whispers of a galactic prophecy began to circulate. Winter is now contracted to track down and stop the rebel scientist responsible.


Winter, Skirmisher specializes in intense frontline combat. With a well-timed Red Vora stim, he stabilizes his health and jump starts regeneration, keeping him in the fight.